So what would a happy-go-lucky, good looking, sexy, talented guy do in his free time? I'm not quite sure since I don't know any but below are some things I find interesting. Note that everything on this page was designed and built by me, not purchased somewhere and simply assembled.

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Although I love to build things, wood is a pain in the butt. Unlike steel if you screw up with wood you have to replace the wood. As such I try to keep wood projects to a minimum since I screw up fairly often. :s

Tree Fort
Garden Arbor
Electronics Desk
Rabbit Hutch
Stereo Cabinet
The Monster Chicken Coop
Mikey's Bug Holder
Bathroom Barn Door
Create a New Bedroom
Shorty's Rack
Earring Holder
Pine Wood Derby
The Battery Holder
Garage Loft
Daughter's loft bed
Son's loft bed
Back porch
Window box
Shoe Rack
Picnic Table
I'm a lumberjack and I'm O.K.
Up a tree without a flipline


Even though I gave up electronics for software development back in 1995, I still remember a lot about it. I've made a couple of projects, even though they are few and far between. Just don't like digging out my tons of boxes of electronics components and equipment from storage.

Jacob's Ladder
Giving her the stars


Finally decided to create a section for this one. Kayaking is fun when I get a chance to do it. Getting too fat for my wetsuit though. :s

2010-06-13 Spada Lake
2010-06-19 Scenic Beach
2010-12-12 Surfin The Sultan Floods

Scuba Diving

If it isn't being on top of the water, it's being under it that tickles my fancy. I don't have a diving buddy so I normally dive alone. Not very safe but I'll do what's necessary to get underwater. :)

6/12/2010 - First day back in the water in a long while. Diving alone, living on the edge.
10/10/2010 - Going for crabs out on the reservation.


Ah, fishing. What other sport can you combine with scuba diving? Hopefully when all of your diving buddies are out of the water. :s I'll fish every and any day if I can, but since I've been married this happens as infrequently as scuba. :s

Catching crabs
The whopper
Fishout 2011


The one thing I can do a lot of nowadays is ride vehicles. Motorcycles, quads, whatever. I love fast, I love dangerous. Here are a couple of toys I've owned.

Jeep Wrangler
Minnie Winnie
Yamaha Road Star Silverado
Yamaha Midnight Star
Yamaha Stratoliner
Uber quad
The Suburban
The Explorer Lemon
The Flying Bayliner


Junk that I really didn't want to create whole new groups for, things I've thrown together out of boredom or to entertain the kids.

Match Holder
Cork Mice
Acrylic Christmas Ornaments
Acrylic Nail Polish Holder
Monster Bubbles
Magic Mirror
Carrot Man
The Evil Celery Man
Clay Chef
The Little Old Lady


Ok, before I get kicked out of the he-man club, let me explain. My wife loves flowers. Buying a dozen roses for $50 from a florist is ridiculous. So I buy flowers and arrange them for her, save lots of money and still get a beautiful smile and sometimes a hug or kiss. Call me mushy. I dare you. Some of the arrangements I've made are below.

June 2004
October 2005
December 2005
January 2006
February 2006
March 2006
October 2006
October 2009
December 2009
March 2010


I like to be prepared. I like to be early. This is my personality. One of these areas in which I like to be prepared is medicine. If someone is in danger, I want to be there to help. I'm red cross certified (whoopie) and much more. In fact, I've learned advanced lifesaving techniques that I haven't had to use yet and EMT skills that I have. I've helped at accidents, performed minor surgeries, etc. I'm the guy you want around in case of a serious problem since I can keep my head, have no fear, a lot of skill and plenty of experience.

Table Saw vs Finger
Arm vs. Expanded Steel
Ed sews up his own finger after cutting it in half with a machete. Don't ask. :s The neighbor boy recorded this since he thought it was cool that I could do this. I actually split my middle finger in half, through the fingernail. Doesn't look as bad as it really was on the video. I've never seen so much blood as I did before I stopped it. Didn't want to make a mess in my neighbor's parents' house. Yes, I know, it says "Bood" instead of "Blood". :s I was in a hurry making the video.

I sew up my thumb, 3 months later. You'd think I'd learn to wear gloves more often. Here's what happens when you're not careful punching out sheet metal plugs.


Since I've been married this is the thing I do second most infrequently anymore. I used to go all the time. I don't sport hunt, I only shoot what I'm going to eat.