Premera Blue Cross

This review was from one of my coworkers at Premera Blue Cross. Awesome guy, Ion Duican. Not sure if I agree with the "awesome troubleshooting skills" bit, but I really appreciated the review. He was way too skilled to be at Premera, but he liked his position there.

From: Ion Duican

Senior Software Developer Premera Blue Cross

“Edward is one of the best developers I've ever had the opportunity to work with. His knowledge and ability to quickly adapt and provide solutions for new projects is really outstanding.

During the time I've worked with Edward on a number of .NET applications, he came up with solid designs and proof of concepts, very clean code and great code coverage from unit tests, and amazing troubleshooting skills.

I sincerely recommend Ed, he is a true asset and I would be more than happy to work with him again. His warm and kind personality, honesty and direct approach are qualities that are making him a great colleague and friend.” January 5, 2011 Ion Duican

Ion Duican Technical Consultant, Premera Blue Cross worked directly with Edward at Premera Blue Cross