Welcome to my home page! Contained herein is information related to my professional career. I figured since I develop web sites for a living I'd better get one out on the web lest nobody believe that I can actually do one, since the majority of sites I design are intranets.

I've had many careers throughout my lifetime as most have. I started as a stockperson at a Caterpillar™ dealership in Sacramento California, then taught myself and worked as an Electronics Engineer for a while. Finally I decided that electronics wasn't where I'd prefer to be, so I moved into software testing. That quickly transformed into development, where I've stayed ever since. I've been working as a developer now for 27 years, and love it.

What about software development do I love? That's an easy question. I love being paid for what I'm good at and enjoy. Development matches my personality. I'm a planner, waterfall style. I plan, prepare, analyze, perform and perfect. I like to learn new things. I can fix anything except a carburetor. Convert that to C# and eventually I'll be able to fix that also.

I've worked as a contract employee for the majority of my development career. However, I'd prefer to be a full time employee.

"That doesn't compute" you may say, "your first statement seems to say the opposite."

"No," I'd say, " that is correct. I just haven't found a company that can pay me enough to make the house payment on a full time salary."

"I see," you'd say, and we'd continue to speak in third person for a while.

I prefer Software Architect roles that include coding part of the solution to coding alone, as the majority of my experience is as such and on new code. I'm a bit slow on picking up the logic behind existing or not well documented code.

So please feel free to view my site. Take a look at my resume if you're looking for a top shelf developer. I'm sure you'll find something of interest in my career highlights section. If you don't believe what I have to say, glance over my performace reviews, maybe you'll believe my managers.